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Bump it Up Campaign

Our gym has been full of life this last year with camps, clinics, private lessons, tournaments, Jamborees, and travel ball. We have been able to serve our community on a much bigger scale due to the many coaches in our program eager to share their passion with and the motivated girls who strive to get better and be in the gym. From Volley KIDS, to Volley Juniors and Volley Juniors Elite, to our Middle School Leagues and Prep Camps, our many clinics and camps. With all of these events comes wear and tear on our equipment, especially our volleyballs. 

We are asking people to contribute in some way by purchasing a volleyball or two for our programs. We are in need of additional volleyballs with our vast number of girls coming into the gym. Some have rolled out of the gym and have been popped, some are worn and losing air because the girls hit them so hard, and some have been in our gym for a few years and ready to retire. So be someone who "bumps it up" and supports these girls in allowing them to play with some new balls.

No donation is too big or too small, we truly appreciate each and every one. If you are unable to donate, that's ok too. Please donate your time by LIKE, FOLLOW, and SHARE. Sharing this brings more awareness to our efforts and needs in our communities. Thanks again for your support and showing your love to Central Virginia Volleyball and our community. Our link for donations is below!

Physical Address: 2183 Sunnymeade Road, Rustburg VA 24588

Mailing Address: PO Box 4575, Lynchburg VA 24502

Phone Number: 434-941-6158

Email for any questions:

Heart of Virginia has a Amazon Smile Account

Hey everyone... HOV has a new amazon smile account and would love for you all to link your smile account to our organization. Through this, we will receive a small % of your purchase because we are a non-profit. 

We all know everyone uses Amazon, so help us impact the community through your purchases through Amazon. 

Check our Facebook page for any cancellations

Please check out our facebook page for any cancellations on programming, etc. As winter approaches, this is how we will notify any groups of programs that will be cancelled. So make sure you get connected!

October / November 2021 Clinics

These clinics in October and November are designed to get all girls/boys learning the same concepts across the board.  Our goal as a program is that from when a player starts to when they finish our programs in 18's, they have all learned the same concepts, footwork, movements that allows them to continue to progress in the sport. For many in this area, coaches have taught different footwork movements and therefore players have struggled to develop a strong sense of what the accurate movements are. These clinics will be based on our top coaches and will be implemented from our 10's team all the way through our 18's program. These concepts are also being taught in all of our developmental programs as well. 

October / November 2021 Clinics


Dates October/November 2021
Ages 10's-18's
Where Central Virginia Volleyball Multipurpose Center (CVMC)
Times Varying times

Free to any HOV travel player

$40/hour session for any non HOV member 

Programs will continue to be added upon coach availability. Please note that these are free to our current HOV players but be respectful of signing up within an appropriate amount of time as this does affect our coaching staff and their time commitments as well. 


Reminder that there will need to be at least 5 participants at each session in order to keep session open. 

November 20 8-9am Setter Training Footwork/Movement Good participation: Will remain open
November 20 9-10am Blocking Movement/Footwork Good participation: Will remain open

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