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About Us

Who We Are

We are committed to ensuring that every Heart of Virginia Volleyball athlete has a positive experience that fuels their love of volleyball and competition. We focus on the process over outcomes and developing a growth mindset; in other words, our top priority is always striving to improve and giving each athlete the feedback and tools to help them improve as a volleyball athlete and person every day.  While we do provide our athletes with the highest caliber of volleyball training, it is equally important that athletes learn life lessons that will stay with them long after their volleyball career comes to an end. Our coaches are mentors, role models, and above all, teachers.  We teach our athletes the game of volleyball including all aspects of skills training, tactical knowledge, and match strategies.  Additionally, we teach our athletes to be disciplined, compete and train at full effort, be a positive and supportive teammate, be a problem solver, push beyond their comfort zone, and compete with confidence and enthusiasm.  Above all, we teach and expect all of our athletes and coaches to conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity and character.  Winning matches is far less important than competing with character, being honest, ethical, and kind, and respecting everyone and everything we encounter along with this wonderful sport we all love. That is the ultimate win.


At Central Virginia Volleyball, our MISSION for our program is that adolescent girls and boys players will be given the opportunity to develop and learn the game of volleyball while simultaneously learning the important life lessons of teamwork, commitment, time management, sportsmanship and dependability. Players have the ability to learn at the developmental level all the way to the highest level possible. Our players who come from diverse economic areas will come to know the importance of giving their best effort to the things that are important to them and carry forward the values we share for the betterment of the rest of their lives.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: We act in a fair, consistent and transparent manner even when unfair situations arise. We promote ethical behavior, fair play, respect, and integrity for the game and all its participants. 

  • Discipline: Discipline is the result of success through strict focus, hard work, and perseverance. 

  • Excellence: Excellence is when passion and the excitement to learn is pursued.  We set, work towards, and achieve the highest standards through embracing learning, hard work, and integrity. 

  • Teamwork: This game has more to do with teamwork than individual talent. Learning how to work together and accomplish goals takes time, patience and the willingness to put aside self for the benefit of the whole team. 

  • Leadership: Every role on a team requires leadership to some capacity. Some being leaders on the court, others being leaders with their attitudes and positivity and some pushing others to be better. Not only as coaches do we strive to be positive leaders and role-models, but HOV strives to create leadership opportunities for each athlete through the “Junior Volunteer” program. The older players in our community help participate and assist in the younger age programs.

Where we started

In 1990, Beno Chappell started the Heart of VA Volleyball travel program to give girls in the area an opportunity to improve their game and to get college exposure. The program grew, but when Mr. Chappell moved out-of-town it was hard to find people to keep it going. HOV became more of a recreational travel program with school-based teams for the next few years. Then in 2002, Kristen Hardie and Mark Rinckel decided to give the club a facelift. A committee was formed and the program became a non-profit organization called Central VA Volleyball. Travel teams were now formed using a tryout format with teams being picked on the basis of talent in order to be more competitive when teams traveled to other areas. Other programs were added. Girls in the area could now play travel volleyball, recreation league volleyball, attend developmental leagues and local camps and clinics. Within the past few years, beach volleyball has also been added to the mix. CVVB/HOV has made it possible for the area to become a stronger volleyball community and has opened doors for many young ladies to play after high school.

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Central Virginia Volleyball is committed to fostering a welcoming environment through a diverse, equitable and inclusive game. We celebrate every race, age, disability, and background in our province, to unite as one community. We believe meaningful action can positively affect important changes in our sport and carry over into our everyday lives. 


It is important for Central Virginia Volleyball (CVVB), its affiliates, programs, coaches, athletes, officials and clubs to have diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) as essential parts of their values and culture. Bringing together varied life experiences and perspectives add significant value to a community. Prioritizing DE&I will improve creativity, community and productivity. It will lead to a better global understanding and provide more dynamic insights.


Why a focus on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is important

The goal for each CVVB member, affiliate, team, club or league should be to become an organization where diversity, equity and inclusion are a fundamental part of their values and culture.

Diversity brings together various life experiences and perspectives. This adds significant value to a community by presenting the opportunity to learn new skills, provide new ways of thinking and gain new knowledge.

Equity is the quality of being fair and impartial. When this exists, it ensures everyone understands what to expect in terms of consequences and rewards, they each have equal access to opportunities and they are each given what they specifically need in order to be successful.

Inclusion means all are welcomed regardless of a person’s attributes or characteristics. This type of positive environment allows for each individual to feel a sense of belonging and it supports a more collaborative community.


Physical Address: 2183 Sunnymeade Road, Rustburg VA 24588

Mailing Address: PO Box 4575, Lynchburg VA 24502

Phone Number: 434-941-6158

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