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I just wanted you to know how incredibly impressive the tourney was - the organization, the spirit, everything! I've love getting to know the HOV organization, and am so impressed by the attention spent teaching and encouraging wellness (emotionally; physically; socially) outside of excelling at volleyball specifically. 

Our daughter had tryouts for B team last week after school (48 girls trying out). They cut girls on Thurs. and she made it through until Fri. Then on Fri. notes were sent with them if they made it and coaches had said B team is mainly made up of 8th and 7th graders. They did a new thing this year where they picked girls for making a practice team, I think 4. And guess what... she made the practice team. Thankful for the camps she attended and the guidance you and Coach Athena gave her... Thank you! She took in every word you all told her and everything you showed her. One super proud Mama here!

I wanted to just take a second and thank you and the coaches at HOV. (Daughter 1) made the middle school volleyball team yesterday as a 6th grader. Which I hear doesn’t happen often. Thank you guys for having something to get her ready for this. She’s been doing stuff with you guys since she was 9! And it’s a big reason she was more than prepared when the time came. Her first coach Leah was awesome and the camps were a huge help. She  made it in a tough tryout that had 34 or 38 girls and they kept 10. So thank you and the coaches! On another note also due in large part to HOV (Daughter 2) had her first scrimmage this year on JV and she absolutely killed it. She had 7 or 8 points off her newly found jump serve, 3 or 4 kills and a huge block. Again, this happened due largely in part to the travel season and her training at HOV. Brittany and Johnathan helped her out so much. Sorry for the long text it’s just exciting when they get to see what hard work, training and good coaches can do.
Thanks again!

Heyyyy! I'm gonna be sappy here for a second so bear with me...I'm so thankful for HOV and this program that you have. ❤️ I watched gymnastics break my daughter apart emotionally and mentally. Since she has started playing vball I have seen her smile return and her WANT to work hard at getting better. 

She didn't end up making school but she has kept a positive attitude and is looking forward to travel tryouts. I have been praying for a way to get her into serving and giving and focusing on others and  you guys also have that! This is all such a God send to us. Just know that. ❤️❤️❤️


If you are a beginner volleyball player and want to start somewhere: 

  • Volley Juniors clinics is where to start! We offer these clinics about every 1-2 months. We recommend doing this camp 1-3 times depending on skill and ability.
  • If you have played just a little and would also like to join the Middle School Summer League or Fall League, then there will be teaching and some playing as well.

If you are just a little more than a beginner but skills are still pretty raw but would like to continue playing volleyball:

  • Volley Juniors Elite camps take place about every 1-2 months throughout the year. This includes continuing to work on the basic skills while also including a little bit of game play that is suitable for this developmental level! It is important to continue to work on developmental skills at this level to build good training habits.
  • If you have played just a little and would also like to join the Middle School Summer League or Fall League, then there will be teaching and some playing as well.
  • If you are feeling like a little change, then dive into the sand program and put together a team for the sand leagues coming up! you can either play doubles or quads or both!
  • If you have attended a Volley Juniors or similar programming, then Volley Juniors Sand is another great step into the sand volleyball world.

For those who are looking for a little more advanced and positional skill work:

  • Check out our camps and clinics page for the multiple camps we have going on this summer!
  • If you are interested in our sand leagues please check out
  • If you are feeling a little bored on Sunday evenings, come to open gym where it is $5 entrance fee and you get to play against some local volleyball players who are anxious to also play!


If you are partaking in any programs through HOV, please check your spam mail as it seems that our emails are getting sent to those folders!

If you are in a program and have not received any emails about the upcoming program (typically between 1 week and a couple days before the program), please contact programs to make sure we have the correct email!


Check our Facebook page for any cancellations

Please check out our facebook page for any cancellations on programming, etc. As winter approaches, this is how we will notify any groups of programs that will be cancelled. So make sure you get connected!

Physical Address: 337 Lakeview Drive, Madison Heights VA 24572

Mailing Address: PO Box 4575, Lynchburg VA 24502

Phone Number: 434-941-6158

Email for any questions:

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Click this link to go to Middle School Jamboree page

Click this link to go to Middle and High School Tryout Prep page

Click this link to go to Camps and Clinics page

Click this link to go to Employment page

Click this link to go to Agillity Kids page

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Click this link to go to Volley Juniors Elite page

Click this link to go to Travel page

Click this link to go to be a Junior Volunteer

Click this link to go to Open Gym page

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