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Tryout Information

Special Note

Tryout fees change from $50 to $75 after August 26th so be sure to pay the travel tryout fees prior to August 26th. Even if you sign up, but have not paid, you will be charged the $75 after August 26th. 

Practice Player Information

Practice players are players who are dedicated to practicing with a travel team but are not able to commit to the tournament schedule. 

Guidelines with practice players:

  • The must still fill out the registration online
  • They must still attend the on-site registration day on August 26th. 
  • They must still tryout during the allotted tryout times. 
  • They can attend all events and all practices related to their specific team
  • They can attend tournaments if players from that team are not able to attend and the team is lacking the position that is needed. 
  • There is a fee to be a practice player in order to cover gym rental, coaches compensation, etc. These fees do not include tournament fees. 


Tryout Session Dates and Times
Age Groups Dates Times/Location
10's  9/30/23 9:00-10:30am
12's and 13's 9/23 9:30-11:00am
14's (Group 1) 9/23 11:15-12:45pm
14's (Group 2) 9/23 1:00-2:30pm
15's 9/23 2:45-4:15pm
16's 9/23 4:30-6:00pm
17's and 18's 9/23 6:15-7:45pm
All age groups 9/30 11:30-1:30pm

***17's and 18's could potentially join 16's times depending on number of participants

Steps on trying out, playing travel or becoming a practice player

Step 1: Fill out the registration link above and pay $50 tryout fee: Register 2023-2024 HOV Juniors - Travel Tryout Registration

All age groups including 9-10's must complete

Step 2: Complete your USAV membership in the link provided  (this may not be available until October 2023) -

Ages 10-18's must complete and bring in a copy to pre-registration 

Step 3: Fill out the medical form and print out and bring to pre-registration

Ages 10-18's boys and girls must complete

Step 4: Attend Pre-Tryout Registration on August 26 anytime between 11:00-2:00pm (this only takes about 15-30 minutes). Tryout/registration fees go up to $75 after August 26th!

Step 5: Attend tryouts (tryout fee must have been paid in order to attend tryouts)

Ages 10-18's boys and girls must complete

Step 6: Attend the make up tryout date (Date will be determined soon)

All age groups including 9-10's must complete

Step 7: Players will be notified of their team following tryouts within 48 hours

Step 8: Acceptance of team and $150 deposit is required

Step 9: Attend parent/player informational meeting to review parent/player contract and meet your coaches for more details

Step 10: Ref and Score Keeping clinics are mandatory for all travel players in order to attend tournaments. (These can be found in your Sports Engine account and can follow this LINK for directions however they may not be up until November timeframe due to ODR).

The Registration "Tryout Information" is not currently available.