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Middle School Jamboree

2021 Middle School Volleyball Jamboree 


Dates: Saturday October 23rd… 8am-9pm 

Deadline for entry is October 14th or first come first serve until it is full

Morning pool (bottom 8 seeds): 8am-2pm

Afternoon pool (top 8 seeds): 3pm-9pm


Location: Heart of Virginia Volleyball: 2183 Sunnymeade Road, Rustburg VA 24588

Director: Lara Hite, Programs Director at Heart of Virginia Volleyball

Address: 2183 Sunnymeade Road, Rustburg VA 24588

Phone: 434-941-6158 



Regular legal jerseys. 



16 teams in 2 Different Tournaments

Top 8 seeds in afternoon pool, Lower 8 seeds in morning pool.

2-4 team pools.

Each team plays 2 games to 25 in pool play, against each team in the pool.

Semi-finals 1st seed on Court 1 vs 2nd seed from Court 2 and 1st seed from Court 2 vs 2nd seed Court 1, 2 out of 3 games. Finals afterward, same format. 


First match will have 30 minutes prior to the 8am match to warm up. Every game following will have 10 minutes to warm up prior to game play. 


$150.00 per team for 3 matches, and as many as 5! First 16 Middle schools to call and send in money are in! Make Checks out to Central Virginia Volleyball and in the memo include Middle School Jamboree.. Deadline for entry is Monday October 5th.

Ticket Costs:

Adults - $5.00 (cash only) , Children under 6- passes accepted. (Mid. School.)


We will have pizza, hotdogs, popcorn, chips and drinks!