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Middle School Jamboree


Middle School Jamboree is scheduled for October 19, 2024. (DATE CHANGE) Mark your calendars and get ready for the final showdown of the Middle School season!

Look forward to seeing all the girls in the gym for one last team tournament!

$275 per team

Schools that enter more than 1 team will be discounted at $225 per team.


Pool times will depend on number of teams. 

Location (Upper): New Covenant Schools: 122 Fleetwood Drive, Lynchburg VA 24501

Location (Lower): New Covenant Schools: 122 Fleetwood Drive, Lynchburg VA 24501

Director: Lara Hite, Programs Director at Heart of Virginia Volleyball



Jerseys: Regular legal jerseys or shirts with numbers on them and team name

First 16 Middle schools to call and send in money are in! Make Checks out to Central Virginia Volleyball and in the memo include Middle School Jamboree. Deadline for entry is Monday October 7th.

Ticket Costs: Adults - $5.00, Children under 6- free

Concessions will be available on site

Volleyball Gear: HOV apparel available for purchase at tournament site

Arrival   Work Teams
1. Doors will open at 8:20am to begin warming up.   Teams will be schedule to help work during their games.

2. We will have parking attendants at both entrances to help navigate the parking on New Covenant Schools campus.

  Teams will be asked to provide:
  -1 player to flip score
3. $5 entry fee for anyone over 6 years old.   -2 players to call lines (in, out, touch)
          -1 player to keep score (slash points on score sheet)
Things to be mindful about          

1. We ask that you monitor your children outside as their are several playgrounds. We also ask that you make sure your children are not climbing on any of the construction equipment and trees on the premise.

  Pool Play
  Pool A (4 Team Pool) Pool B (4 Team Pool)
  -Best 2 out of 3

-2 sets to 21

2. We ask that you do not enter the school building/hallways. This is crucial to us being able to use the facility in the future as we respect their space.

  -Set 1&2 played to 25, Set 3 played to 15

3. We will be doing concessions throughout the day offering pizza, snacks and drinks. Concessions will be in the main gym.


Warm-Ups will be 2-4-4 (2 minutes shared, 4 minutes for serving team, 4 minutes for recieving team)