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Junior Volunteers

Junior Volunteers

Do you want to be a volunteer? Do you want to give back to your community in a fun way? Do you want to give back doing something you love and are passionate about?

This is one way to give back to the community that has brought volleyball into your life. 

It also gives you an opportunity to fundraise for your upcoming travel season. For every program you volunteer for, you earn money for a part of your travel season at HOV. 

Parent's doesn't this sound like a perfect way to keep them busy this summer. 

Spots will fill up quickly so register to sign up ASAP! It is not guaranteed that you will be needed for every program, but we will give as many people an opportunity to give back to help fund their travel season!

Must be entering 7th grade and older to be involved in this program!

One of our 16's volunteers helping with Volley Juniors Program!

Email if you are wanting to volunteer with some of our programs. Whether you need hours for CSER, community service volunteer hours or want to help offset travel tuition, our Junior Volunteer program can help you do that!

Review on our Junior Volunteer Program

Great! This was a fantastic idea. First, it gave the player responsibility for the cost of the team. It was rewarding for my daughter to know she was earning towards the expense as she talks about getting a job but we know grades and volleyball are the top priority and a job would not help those. Secondly, by volunteering she gained confidence that has been seen not only on the court but in her classes at school and even at church. She speaks out and is the leader of her team. By working with other players, younger and not so much younger than her, has also led her to her future career in coaching. She has loved the game since she was 8 but coaching youngsters and helping at the other programs has shown her that coaching is what she sees herself doing as an adult. Her goals have widened to being a D1 coach eventually. You may have the next Mary Wise at your club!

My daughter is looking forward to the next time she is able to work almost as much as her practices and games!