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Volley Juniors Elite

Volley Juniors Elite Summer Game Play Camp

Volley Juniors Elite Summer Game Play Camp 

For who: Ages 10-14

When: Sunday's

1st Session: June 27-30th

2nd Session: July 18-21st

Time: 7:00-8:45pm 

Cost:  $150

This program is designed to be a step up from Volley Juniors and continues to increase the skill set learned from Volley Juniors and then some. Review of skills such as passing, setting, serving and hitting are key to becoming a successful player. These skills will continue to be the base of the focus with some added game play and more deliberate and focused drills for the higher level. 

Requirements: Must have attended at least 2 Volley Juniors Skills Clinic, played on a team before, or 2 other skills clinics prior. If you are not sure about whether your daughter should move up to Elite or attend another Volley Juniors, please contact for direction. 

Financial Assistant Available

Do your families need help paying youth sports registration fees?

The Every Kid Sports Pass can help by providing families with up to $150, four times per year, per child.

How it works:

For your families to take advantage of the Pass you’ll need to ensure your organization:

·         Accepts split payments or has league/team PayPal or square account

·         Sport is at a youth recreation-level

·         Program/season lasts a minimum of four weeks

The family qualifications are:

·         Child is enrolled in Medicaid, SNAP, or WIC

·         Child aged 4-18

For more information visit: