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Ref and Score Keeping Clinics

Referee & Scorekeeping Certification

Courses are UP and Ready to Roll!


Athletes will have to take online courses to get certified to ref/line judge and score/track libero during tournaments. Girls will be required to complete all courses so they are familiar with every aspect of the reffing and scoring. 

Instructions will explain how to register for a class and the rest of the necessary steps to receive certification. Do not wait until the last minute to complete your testing. These courses do take awhile, plan accordingly! 

Use charts below to see which certification you need to do! 


    • Log into your sports engine account
    • Click Sign In (top right corner of website)
    • Enter your login information
    • Click on Household
    • Click on the player who is completing their certification
    • Click view profile
    • There should be a box in the bottom right corner that has the players name and USAV number. Click view details
    • In the top right corner, you will click a blue button that says USAV Academy
    • Click the pop-up that says "continue to my dashboard"
    • Click "Content Library" in the left-hand column 
    • There you will find 5 courses amongst possibly some others (These 5 courses are the ones you should completed). We would encourage that each player begins these courses at home and bring a computer/iPad to the Certapalooza if it is not completed so we can help each player go through the courses and better understand this. These courses must be completed prior to tournament play or the player will not be allowed to participate. 
      • USAV Junior R1 Training
      • USAV Junior R2 Training
      • USAV Junior Line Judge Training
      • USAV Junior Scorer Training
      • USAV Junior Asst Scorer/Libero Tracker Training
  • (Please note that sometimes the account is under their own name, please make sure to check all sports engine accounts that the player could be listed under). 


The Registration "Ref and Score Keeping Clinics" is not currently available.